Monday, March 10, 2008

Superbad 2, SuperWorse

Posted by:Kal
Well, it has been only but a few hours since I lasted posted but I came across this video on the web while I was relaxing for a bit. What is better than the original Superbad? Oh it’s Superworse! Well…at least that’s what they call their video. A production called pleasedontsueus productions created this silly little video from clips of the movie Superbad to make a small video even funnier than the original. Check it out.


A Blogger said...

hey man this is me from thanks for the comment. idk if i agree with u that microsoft should just get out of the industry... i mean they are doing fairly well and it seems like their here to stay. oh yah and btw i just added you to my blogroll so will u add my site to urs. thanks

FUNNYMAN said...

I love this movie. It was hilarious. The cops were one of my favorite characters.

Mark said...

the cops got slightly annoying to favorite character was of course mclovin