Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowls Commercials 2008

Posted by:Kal
Okay, I know this doesn’t fall anywhere into the video game genre, however I think I will include this into my blog because it is such a significant event every year. Of course, all Americans know this event as the Super Bowl. Sunday was the 42nd super bowl where the Patriots and Giants faced off in a no holds match in American Football. Not only was the game amazing, but also the ads stood out from any other year. So here are the top 10 Commercials of the 42nd super bowl.

1. Budweiser, “Rocky”
2. Pepsi, “What is love”
3. E-Trade baby, “Puke”
4. Life Water, “Thriller”
5. Bridgestone, “Scream”
6. Tide, “Talking Stain”
7. Pepsi, “Timberlake”
8. Coke, “Balloon Fight”
9. E-Trade, “Clown”
10. Doritos, “Mousetrap”


FUNNYMAN said...

I don't remember any of the commercials because I was so elated the Pats lost. New York Giants. Let's go defense. The New England Cheaters deserved what they got. I am glad to see the Giants win being a Giants fan.