Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Gamer’s Utopia Preview: Final Fantasy IV the After: Tsuki no Kikan (Return of the Moon)

Posted by: Kal
Little did we all know, but Square Enix, is actually making another sequel for their famous Final Fantasy franchise. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Square Enix doesn’t make sequels for Final Fantasy; they are totally different games with different stories.” And of course, that statement is true (other than FFX-2, which I try to forget about); however, that statement will be false, in a few months, when the sequel for Final Fantasy IV comes out in Japan. The story takes place 17 years after the original (or the DS version) and will center on a young man named Ceodore (son of Ceril Harvey and Rosa Farrell-the protagonists of the original Final Fantasy IV). Most of the other details have been left out by Square Enix and true fans of Final Fantasy will have to keep checking up on them about the story. However, they did release that a majority of the characters from FFIV will be back for “round two.”

Now a day, being American has had its downfalls, having FFIV being Japanese exclusive tops the cake. Supposedly, FFIV:The After is only going to be released to Japan, playable mainly on the FOMA 905i phone (as well as some others) and will be released in chapters to subscribers (which costs money). Too bad for SE because many American players, as well as Europeans are outraged that another FF will not be release to them.

If you're interested, check out the Japanese Site for more details. Of course, the site is in Japanese, so you might be out of luck. Catch ya next time.

Official Japanese Website


FUNNYMAN said...

I am actually more elated about Final Fantasy 13.

The Gamer's Utopia said...

Same, I mean I liked FF12 and their new battle system. Supposedly they are going to create a new one for 13. One that will make the game play more fast paced. Story, of course, is a big reason I play FF but Im sure they will have an awesome story.