Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Video Game Vault: Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber

Posted by: Kal
Digging in the basement video game vault, I came across one of my favorite game titles for the Nintendo 64. A legendary title (well at least that's what I think), which kept me occupied for hours on end for several days after re-finding it in the territory I call my house and in all respects is a very engaging game. This game, of course, is Ogre Battle 64. Whether it is the joy of controlling my little sprites across a battle field or the thrill of upgrading my characters to a different class or having to put up with those annoying little "soldiers" things randomly upgrading to an actual fighter, there was just something about OB64 which made it stand out from the rest.

Basically the story follows the protagonists: Magnus Gallant (or whatever you name him), a recent graduate of the Latium Military Academy. After becoming a captain in the Palatinus' Southern region, he liberates the entire south from the rebels after the revolt was stirred up and follows through with his orders. However, later in the game, he joins the rebellion after finding out that the Palatinus regime was corrupt and decided that they shouldn't be allowed to rule. Magnus' battalion has to find their real enemy, the Holy Lodis Empire, destroy the power they mysteriously "acquired," and restore peace to their world and free their people from slavery forever.

Overall, this game was quite popular amongst reviewers and was celebrated, with open arms, by RPG fans everywhere. The only reason this game wasn't more popular was because Atlus (game publisher) didn't ship the amount of copies they promised and this jewel became hard to get your hands on. Many reviewers, such as IGN or Gamespot, rated this RPG high with ranges such as 8-9.1. Cory D. Lewis (IGN-rated 8.8) states, "[R]egardless, Ogre Battle 64 is finally available to the public, and we simply couldn't be happier. I can tell you right now what my plans are for the weekend -- turnout all the lights, grab a soda, and hit the couch for some more RPG goodness." Sounds like a good plan to me.

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