Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Gamer’ Utopia Preview: Top 10 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2008 (Ten-Six)

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Having 2007 recently come to a close, I searched the internet gazed into the future to see the upcoming games for 2008. I was rather impressed by the creative games of 2007, but the anticipation for the new 2008 strikes me harder than I ever thought possible. So with that in mind, I created a list of 10 games that strike my fancy (or the fancy of others) and I’m sure that they will interest you as well.

10. Will Wright is probably one my favorite game designers geniuses of our time…at least I think he is a genius. But with games like The Sims and SimCity, who would doubt that claim. His success is shown by the popularity of the games he designs and Spore will not be out of that loop. Though Spore is still TBA and there is no guarantee that it will be released in 2008, the gaming community has already become restless for the arrival of this game because, we all know, there is nothing like a game that lets you create your own world and fill it with your own creatures that someday will blast off into space. This game includes several different phases to conquer, including tide pool, creature, tribal, civilization, and space phases. *sigh* All those different sections of this game will make it interesting and difficult to master. That’s why I’ll keep playing it for several years after its release.

9. Seems Namco is at it again. “Transcending history and the world, a Tale of souls and swords, internally retold.” Isn’t that what the narrator says? Well, it doesn’t matter because he’ll soon say it again, possibly for the last time, in Namco’s release of Soul Calibur IV. I’m not going to go into much detail because you could read the post about SCIV but I’ll quickly recap. They are bring back the Create-a-Soul feature from the third SC, supposedly, IV will have more of a II feel to it, and finally, there will be a “finishing” type move, kind of like Mortal Combat. All I can say is that this will be better than all the rest!

8. Another game title that has a TBA state is probably the most famous “series” in video game history and has several titles on the “Best Video Game of All Time” list. This series, of course, is Final Fantasy. FF13 will hopefully come out in 2008, but at this present time, it’s up in the air. The basic setting of FF13 is a world divided into two areas (one is floating on top of the other). The top civilization, Cocoon, is very technologically advanced and they perceived Pulse (world below them) to be dangerous and have a great fear of what is down there. Like many of the recent FF games, the plot has a government against the people, blah blah blah, and there is rebel leader going against them. This leader in this game is codenamed “Lighting” and for all you female gamers out there, Lighting is a chick. Can’t really put to words the excitement I possess.

7. Personally, I’ve never played this game but I have a lot of friends that have enjoyed it for all the years it’s been sucking the lives out of people. By just saying “sucking the lives out of people,” I am sure that everybody knows that I am talking about World of Warcraft. There is nothing bad about Warcraft and that’s why they are making an expansion pack, a second to be more accurate; the Wrath of the Lich King will surely keep Wow players coming back for more…kind of like they do now. The expansion pack is stuffed with new features such as raising the level cap to 80 and introducing a new hero class: the Death Knight. Watching the trailer, to this expansion pack, makes me wanna go out and grab a copy myself and see what this game is all about.

6. August 2008, in a land called America….God…that wasn’t even remotely cool but the upcoming video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will be insane. The multiplatform game will include many different systems such as PS3, Xbox 360, PS2, and Nintendo DS (as well as many others). The game takes place between Star Wars Episode III and Star Wars IV. In that time period, the player will take the role of Darth Vader’s apprentice and is sent across the galaxy to destroy any remaining Jedi. The people that buy the game for the Wii, will have the ability to use the Wii remote as a lightsaber (which, all in all, is pretty cool). Hopefully, you’ll check this game out, even if you have never watched any of the movies, because I’m sure this game will be the talk of many of your friends.

For now, I’m out. This post will continue on my next post. Be sure to check it out, Im sure you’ll be surprised when you find out which game is number one.


FUNNYMAN said...

I hope that Force Unleashed game is just part one of a trilogy.